Just add land…

Luxury lodges for sale in the most idyllic places in the world. An Idyll property doesn’t require planning permission and can be placed anywhere.

Unlock land previously deemed unsuitable for development.

It’s the single most valuable commodity in the world and is getting rarer by the day. We unlock revenue streams for landowners with our luxury lodges for sale without contraints such as permitted development,  planning permission or utility providers

luxury lodges for sale


An idyll combines state-of-the-art-technology and sleek design to deliver low impact accommodation that blends into the landscape.


Leave the hum drum of daily life behind and getaway to a slower pace of life. An idyll gives you the ultimate freedom to enjoy nature with friends and family.


Nestled in nature with two large windows and all the creature comforts of home an idyll makes you feel at one with your surroundings.

“Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally it contributes to your wellbeing.”

— idyll

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Not Just Luxury Lodges for Sale

We believe that property developers have a responsibility to provide solutions to climate change and population growth. We believe that everyoneshould have access to a peaceful place and be able to live in harmony with the natural environment.