Garden Room? Why not consider an Idyll.

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Considering a garden room for your property? During the COVID19 pandemic many of us were forced or decided to work from home, and that’s when we discovered just how difficult it is to maintain focus when working from home. 


To many of us, a garden room or additional garden building seemed like a great choice. However when we decided to enquire further, the need for power, water, sewage and other factors dictated where we could place a building which in turn decided on the view we could enjoy. 


That’s where an Idyll House becomes a uniquely appealing solution. Idyll is the only property developer that provides land owners with total control by removing planning restrictions. What’s more, an Idyll House is off-grid and can be configured with its own power supply, sewage and sustainable energy solutions.


Idyll properties work in harmony with nature, providing living accommodation with a minimal environmental footprint. We believe that property developers have a responsibility to provide solutions to climate change and population growth and that everybody has a right to a peaceful home.


And why stop at garden rooms? Population growth requires a radical solution. Simply building more tower blocks in cities creates a stressful environment for all, larger property developers are banking land and exacerbating the problems of the modern housing market. We need new solutions that unlock land previously deemed as unsuitable for development.


Idyll properties remove the restrictions caused by planning permission. This unlocks land previously deemed as unsuitable for property development and provides environmentally friendly, peaceful homes for all. Idyll properties are off grid and can be rolled into place with minimal environmental impact.


Idyll properties are designed and built on a wheeled chassis which removes planning restrictions. They’re also designed and built with a zero impact off grid energy and waste management system which enables an Idyll property to be placed away from the utility networks.


We unlock land previously deemed unsuitable for development, enabling land owners to create new income streams from low value land assets. So whether considering a garden room to create more space for your needs, why not broaden your view to consider the possibilities unleashed by an Idyll House.

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